Two New ‘Zip Guides’ on Social-Emotional Learning and Essentials for Engaging Families

TESOL Press just released two new publications. Social-Emotional Learning for English Learners [SEL] (Zacarian, 2022) and the Essentials for Engaging Families of English Learners (Zacarian, 2022). These two zip guides are the first of their kind for TESOL Press. Each includes six 8.5×11 laminated folded panels that distill key principles …

What are the Legal Requirements Related to Educating English Learners?

Learn about the questions schools are asking about how to implement the laws and regulations regarding English learners during Covid19. This first of two articles written for ColorIn Colorado provides answers to the most common questions administrators are asking about this dynamically changing population during the elongated Covid-19 and other …

Interview on Responsive Schooling for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students

This interview is based on the book Responsive Schooling for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students co-written with scholar Ivannia Soto. We are grateful that it has achieved best-selling status. It is used in university & professional growth settings about culturally responsive practices. Listen to the interview at

Video: 3 Trauma-Informed Priorities

by Debbie Zacarian

This short video describes the rationale for using a strengths-based approach to support students living with adversity and includes three classroom-based strategies. The video originally appeared as part of a project for ASCD on “Trauma-Informed Practices”.