7 Professional Growth Resources for Working with Students Living with Adversity

School superintendents, principals, teachers, specialists, support staff, and others are becoming much more aware of the epic number of students experiencing adversity in the form of trauma, violence, and chronic stress.  However, many of us are not familiar with the steps that we should take to support our instructional programming.

Here are seven professional growth resources to strengthen our work. Additional resources may be found here.

  1. Using a Strengths-Based Approach: Supporting Multilingual Learners Living with Trauma, Violence and Chronic Stress
  2. Short video for using 3 trauma-informed instructional priorities
  3. Five Elements of a Positive Classroom Environment for Students Living with Adversity
  4. There’s More to the Story than Crossing Borders
  5. Supporting students after a violent event.
  6. Teaching to Strengths: Supporting students living with trauma, violence and chronic stress.
  7. English Learners living with Trauma, Violence and Chronic Stress

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