Free Webinar: Responsive Schooling for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students

Recording available for viewing this webinar, now.

It was a pleasure to provide this interactive edWebinar moderated by Carol Chambers Collins of Norton Education. It looks at the big picture in what we teach so that it matches who we teach and is inclusive, responsive, and sustaining for our dynamically diverse student populations. It highlights the urgency to put just as much emphasis on students’ home and community languages and cultures to honor and promote their identities, self-value and worth, and current and future contributions so they can flourish in school and their lives. Based on the book, Responsive Schooling for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students, co-written with Ivannia Soto, our interactive approach using practices that reinforce mutual trust, value, and competence in online, in-person, and hybrid settings.

Listeners can explore research perspectives and K-12, higher education, service learning, and community examples to be able to:

  • Draw from a research-based perspective in seeing the urgent need to move away from a teaching approach that uses an overfocus on academic language
  • Become more aware of the central tenets of culturally responsive teaching that infuse sociocultural consciousness and caring for students into all that we do
  • Practice using tools to create a balanced approach in which students’ home languages and cultures are seen as foundational for learning and where students’ interactions and contributions, and lots of them, are key for successful learning

The edWebinar is of interest to K-12 teachers and school and district leaders. It is available for free by Registering here.

About the Moderator

Carol Chambers Collins has been in education publishing for three decades, building notable lists in literacy, social-emotional learning, and teacher research for several leading presses. Since 2017 she has continued the work of bringing excellent resources to teachers and school leaders at Norton Professional Books, which feels like the editorial home she has been seeking all along. The daughter of a teacher and a musician, and a Manhattan native, Carol now lives with her mediator/professor/musician husband in South Salem, NY. When not reading a proposal or editing a manuscript, she can be found playing string quartets, gardening, cooking, bird watching, or attempting approximations of yoga poses.

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